About Us

Debbie  Debbie Crouse, MBA  Co-Founder and Managing Consultant

 Debbie has been driving change within technology, service and manufacturing businesses for over 20 years.  She has consistently provided outstanding coaching, facilitation, training and hands on delivery of projects for clients and former employers In more recent years, she has spent her time raising her children, leading fundraising projects for non-profits and working with technology startups to improve execution in line with their growth. Debbie prides herself on her ability to work across diverse teams and personalities to drive excellence in process and project execution.  See her LinkedIn Profile for more details.

Jenny Jenny Warila, SCPM, CPCC  Co-Founder and Managing Consultant

From her early years as a software engineer and engineering manager in the database industry, Jenny has been passionate about two things: how products get developed and how people grow into their potential. Her Stanford Certified Project Manager credential reflects the first interest; her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach credential the second. Jenny has over 25 years of professional experience in software development, expertly balancing process orientation with execution focus as she led engineering and program management teams and delivered large technology programs. See her LinkedIn Profile for more details.


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