Our Approach

Creating new things: it’s a big part of what makes us human. From a child building a tower of blocks to a technology giant creating software to revolutionize the world, creative projects are everywhere. And where there’s a creative project, there’s project management. It might be extremely lightweight, highly rigorous, or something in between, but you almost always will benefit from identifying scope, customers, resources, a timeline, risks, and stakeholders.

Sometimes things work well. Sometimes they could use fine-tuning, especially as organizations grow and needs evolve from “get the product out the door” to “manage scope, quality and time given limited resources”.

If you’re ready to increase your ability to deliver customer-delighting products faster and with higher quality by improving your own or your organization’s execution skills, we’d love to talk to you.  We will enhance your team’s project management skills, your organization’s business processes, and help you succeed in delivering your improvement projects, all in a way that is right for your company needs and culture.

Customized Training & Consulting for Project Success

We offer customized training and consulting that reflects your company culture and values, meets your employees where they are, and addresses your specific business needs.  Our workshops are application-based. Our goal is for every student to walk out of any workshop feeling that they can apply what they learned immediately. We will work with individuals, functional teams or cross-functional groups to help you elevate your project and business performance.

Certification Training for Individuals’ Growth

Do you have individuals or teams in your organization who would benefit from a deeper dive through certification training?  Whether it is self-paced videos, webinars or in person training, have what you need in the format that works for you and your team. We offer Scrum, Project Management, and Six Sigma certifications through the training vehicle that is right for your people.