Project Excellence

Project puzzleThere are several popular flavors of project management.  We’ve lead projects using a blend of approaches – making it right for the specific project or program we are leading.  We are qualified to instruct your organization in traditional project management, Agile/Scrum or a blend of the two.

“Traditional” project management tends to treat the steps in accomplishing a project sequentially. However, you will find that the phases of your project are naturally iterative.  Charters, stakeholders, even plans will change as you gain more information.

In software and product development this traditional approach is also known as “waterfall.”  You might choose some version of this approach if the work is well understood, has a short time frame or very clear scope, requires significant process oversight, or brings together the work of multiple disparate teams.

Agile highlights iterative, customer-centered design and delivery. Well-suited to exploratory projects and validation of new ideas, as well as refining offerings already out in the field, there are many ways Agile methodologies can be implemented successfully in organizations.

We’re experts in helping organizations design and inject the right methodology or blend of methodologies into key projects across all disciplines, making it make sense for employees, stakeholders and customers.

We offer:

Project Management workshops

In the time frame that fits your team availability and budget, we offer hands-on introductory workshops that give participants the tools to apply what they learn immediately.

Project Management certification training

For individuals ready to gain deeper knowledge through certifications, we offer self-paced, web-based training, live webinar training, or classroom training at your site or ours.  We have partnered with SCRUMstudy and PMstudy to offer endorsed content proven to lead to certification success.


If you have the time and budget, we strongly recommend the classroom training option. This affords us the opportunity to customize the content for your unique business situation, and enhances the learning experience with live discussions about applicability to your business in a functional or cross-functional environment.

Project Team coaching and organizational design

We provide project management consulting and facilitation for those critical projects that need a boost. Project frame-up guidance, one-time project tune-ups, on-going project mentoring, lessons-learned facilitation, and project management organizational design are just a few of the ways we can support you.