Scrum Roles

In the Scrum methodology, there are clear roles to play in defining the product, delivering the work, and managing the process. Individuals can be trained and certified in one or more roles, and there is even a certification available at the overview level. We offer self-paced and classroom training options leading to certification in the following roles. We can also customize classroom and webinar material to incorporate your organization’s specific needs and goals.

  • Scrum Developer: Anyone working on or interacting with a Scrum software team
  • Scrum Product Owner: Represents the customers and stakeholders of the product
  • Scrum Master: Teaches and facilitates the Scrum process
  • Expert Scrum Master: Leads complex projects and coordinates across multiple Scrums
  • Agile Master: Teaches and facilitates general Agile principles in projects beyond software development

Scrum Resources

Interested in learning more about Scrum? Here are a few quick links that may help.